Million Vs. One: Event Planning Challenge

I am so excited for this series to share event tips and local and small businesses people can work with for their future events. Comment below your prompts in the comments! The prompt should look something like "8th birthday party for my son who is really into Disney, for him and his 3 friends." the more descriptive the more difficult it will be for me so let me have it! Also comment on your favorite small or local florist, bartenders, bakers, entertainers, venues, ect.!   

Intense Times and Intentional Buying

If you can let's help each other out, as a community, as a nation, as a human society. If your biggest struggle right now is being bored at home and like me sick of binging netflix, think about how you can help. I refuse to mitigate anyone's struggle because it is their own and I have no say on it. At the same time my heart breaks for families who lost their only source of income, and they have children to feed and do not know how. Foster the Love and Together We Rise, posted about foster youth, and how with colleges closing there are going to be a ton of homeless children, and youth out there. There will be a ton of children whose only safe place was school, who are now forced to stay in homes of abuse and neglect.