LSME Update

Wow, I have been gone for a minute haven’t I? Have you been keeping up with the socials and LSME Website?

In case you haven’t notice society has been a little tense recently, but that’s not really the point here. The point is where have I gone? What is going on with my business: Life’s Sweet Moments’ Events? Short answer, I’ve been here but haven’t at the same time. Here is the long answer:

March 15th I got an email from one of my bosses letting me know that my job would be closing temporarily and we would be working from home we had to organize part time house because the company was paying them for all time they were scheduled for through April. My other job just said we were being laid off indefinitely but we may be back in days, weeks, or months. California went into lock down that week not allowing travel, Canada’s boarders closed. In my head I hit pause, I thought this would be a momentary blimp in the year and things would go back to normal. I had huge plans, working with some amazing and influential clients planning amazing things with my business, and so hopeful and excited for the future. Then days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months. Events turned from postponing till summer and fall to postponing to 2021 and cancellations. I would be lying if I said I handled all of this with optimism and hope for a strong future. I didn’t I just stayed pause, kind of like if I don’t move or do anything things would go back to normal. I am embarrassed to say I stayed in this way of thinking way longer than I honestly should have, I should’ve immediately started restructuring and planning alterative business strategies, but I was scared. I just launched my business a year ago and was gearing up and everything stopped. It was terrifying, it still is, I saw many amazing small businesses and vendors I had worked with in the past close down for good or lay off so many people because of the declining economic situation and financial uncertainty. I didn’t even know what the future of events would look like, will events become obsolete, a remembrance of a time prior this pandemic we can not seem to handle? Would event morph into something new, will the skills I currently posses in event planning not be applicable in this new world we are living in? Can LSME survive this? Should it.

That was the biggest question, should I continue to promote and event planning business in this social climate where we are not adhering to CDC guidelines and taking this pandemic seriously because most of us have the privilege to get sick? My mother sent me this article some business man wrote that said those of us in the event industry are the most doomed in the working force because we have, “no transferable skills to other career paths.” I was kind of outraged because obviously that is not true, at all some of the most fluidly skilled business people I know are event planners, coordinators, designers and business owners. That really showed when I saw the event industry transform, morph and adapt while many other industry stayed stagnant and frozen. Floral designers started gardens at local businesses to bring traffic and revenue to local businesses while also selling greenery and florals that were grown for events in 2020. Wedding planners developed virtual classes and consultations, and so much more innovation came from the event industry to support their communities, businesses, and clients. I even got the chance to plan a couple of socially distant outdoor events. This is when I got to work restructuring and rebuilding my business that took 2 years to create.

Today, Friday October 3rd LSME is announce a change in business, we will no longer be taking clients for any large scale events until further notice. We have several new COVID19 guidelines and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our clients, their guests, and customers. Most importantly we wanted to continue to be apart of your Life’s Sweet Moments, just because life looks different and may be scary at times if we never look for and notice the sweet moments in there it will pass us by really fast. LSME will now be booking 3 different Luxury Picnic Packages that can accommodate up to 4 people and we are only booking on Saturdays until the end of November, because Chicago and winter but also we disinfect and quarantine all materials to ensure the safety of our clients. That’s not all we also created 5 different event boxes that can be purchased and locally delivered or shipped.

Check out all information on Luxury Picnics and Event Boxes on our website!

The goal was to continue to help everyone celebrate, notice and enjoy all of the sweet moments in life but in a safe intermate manner that way we can move forward and hopefully return to 10 thousand person charity events and 500 person weddings. Until then these options are a way for you to not only support my business but LSME will continue to support various non profit organizations and all foods, desserts and most materials are sourced from local and small American owned business so we can continue to stimulate our economy and support workers who do not have the option and private to work from home.

You can always contact and follow me on my socials below! Let me know what sweet moments you’ve celebrated this year! I have had a few, one of my childhood friend’s sister got engaged, my brother had a birthday! Honestly it’s fall so I even had a fun time decorating my apartment for the fall season, sometimes the smallest things deserve celebration!

Make sure you stay in the loop with all things LSME and me the owner by following our socials and checking out our website!


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