Summer Events for Each Enneagram Type

Hello, welcome back to the blog! I recently saw a post on Instagram by @somewherecreatingstudio where she made cute little bachelorette parties based on each Enneagram type. I thought this was such a fun idea I did my own version with summer events. Events are now looking a little different and we have to work to be more innovative when it comes to what we can do in the event industry that still abides by the guidelines that the CDC and WHO gives us. I tried to keep that in account when I made these to give you all fun summer event ideas that are feasible in these current times.

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Type 1

The fun thing about summer even during these times is that nature continues to turn and evolve. This means that it is a great time to try out some fun new wines made out of different fruits. Field and stone has some really cool fruit wines, we suggest you look around and for small local business that are producing fun new wines. Here are our suggestions but if you have a favorite business you want to spotlight leave it in the comments!

Wine: Chateau Fontaine based out of Michigan
Macaroon: Macaroon Shoppe located in Mokena, IL

Type 2

This one is so fun and lowkey, you can take it to the next level by ordering some popcorn for garrets. Grabbing some blankets and making some chocolate covered fruit would make this event so fun and giving everyone their own blankets ensures people are 6ft apart! This event can be as simple as setting up a TV and HDMI cord outside to investing in a projector hanging up a white sheet and having a whole shindig.

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Cunis Candies in South Holland IL
  • Popcorn: Garrett’s Popcorn

Type 3

I love this type 3’s are super goal oriented and love being productive and accomplished, but also super trendy so this is perfect for them. I am not sure if I am alone but this quarantine I have been working out so much because it is a stress reliever and honestly there is nothing else to do. Even working out can get a little monotonous, so why not make an event out of it. Grab some friends post on your Instagram to make sure a bunch of people can attend. You can live-stream with friends and show off your favorite workout styles. After making a smoothie or smoothie bowl with some fresh ingredients. Imperfect foods and other local farms are delivering groceries, so you can support small and local.

Type 4

Type four’s are like my inner romantic and what I wish I was sometimes. They are emotionally aware and vocal, they are beauty oriented and can fine the beauty in everything and are happiest when in an environment that allows them to be creative. The perfect event for them is a beautifully drawn bath with their significant other maybe some painting and wine. Getting an oil diffuser or some essential bath oils, Epsom salts, and even some fun flowers from a local farm is such a easy and beautiful bath.

Type 5

Just because we have to social distance does not mean that we have to social isolate. There have been so many fun ideas where people are getting out more, and sitting in their cars in parking lots or staying 6-10 feet in their drive ways. As long as you are being safe, wearing masks, and abiding by safety guidelines, having 2 or 3 friends for a outdoor game night can be fun. You can play cornhole or just sit and talk and be together.

Type 6

For this event just grab some friends online light some candles and grab a sweet snack and it’s the perfect night. Competition and camaraderie with friends will being safe at home is a great way to continue to connect with people while physically you may not be able to these days.

Type 7

Type sevens are adventurers and just because we can not travel in a traditional sense doesn’t mean that you can not hop in your car and drive a road you’ve never driven before. This is the perfect time to discover things you never looked to closely at and find new beauty and adventures in the familiar. Myself being from the midwest this something we did for fun for ages just driving around listening to music, bringing snacks and blankets makes it a whole event. Take this time to appreciate the journey because there is no destination.

Type 8

Type eights are the ones who always have to make strides, they need to not only continually accomplish things but also needs to be innovative about it. Because of many weddings and other events being rescheduled many plant, floral, and decor shops have an over abundance of many plants. Support your local plant shop and have a group of friends or neighbors grab some plants and create some fun new summer cocktails and warm desserts and have a little garden party in each person’s drive way or a few people in your back yard.

Type 9

Those with access to a lake house or have a house on the lake having a spa day near the calm sound of water is a must. You can order some nice light summer pies and have a self care event day, and even invite a few close friends or family.

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