Million vs. One: $1000 Date in Chicago

Welcome to the first blog in the million vs 1 series.

We are kicking off this series with a thousand dollar date in Chicago. How this series will work is the prompt of what the fictitious client wants will stay the same the budget is the only thing that changes. The goal is to plan two variations of the event that fulfills the spirit of the prompt only one of the events are a fraction of the price. We will start with the “Million dollar event” which in this case is the $1,000 event and the following will be a budget of $10.

The Details:

Prompt: Our client needs help planning a second date. They invited their date to spend the day in the city, they want to do a casual day picnic but also wants the date to be special so they can keep these memories. They met over their love for superhero’s and would like that to be incorporated in someway but also wants to get to know more about them and uncover more shared interest.

Budget: $1000

Inspiration Boards:




The Event Overview:

The event starts with a Paddle boarding lesson and paddle boarding fun at North Avenue Beach, it’s the perfect way to break the ice and become more comfortable with one another. Adding a physical element if feasible at the beginning of a 1st or 2nd date is personally my favorite thing because, you both will probably fall or embarrass yourself and it breaks the ice and also gives you conversation material for later in the date. Chicago Sup offers private lessons so it’s just you two. Following the paddle boarding you can come out of the water to dry off and relax at a Luxury Picnic set up booked through Life’s Sweet Moments, a special table on the beach under a shade with a grazing board, sweets, drinks and polaroid camera to take photos as keepsakes for the date. Here there are several comics that you all can read and discus more of your favorite characters or just talk and get to know each other more. When you are done take a stroll down the beach and head to The Shore Club for a night cap and night activities!


Paddle Board Rentals – $70

1 hour Paddle Board Lesson – $200

Graham Cracker Comics – $10

Life’s Sweet Moment’s Events Luxury 1 hour Picnic Set Up – $350

LSME Poloid Photos Add on – $50

Flowers for Dreams Florals – $200

Macaroon Shoppe Desserts – $10

Grazing Table – $60

Shore Club Cocktails – $50

TOTAL for the Event: $1000.00

Thank you for reading the Blog!

Comment below how you think we did on this part! Also let us know some event prompts you’d love to see in this series! Make sure to check out the businesses we used and let us know others you love! Check out sweeteventsandsweetercoffee‘s instagram for some bts and watch me write this blog!

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