Million Vs. One: Event Planning Challenge

Hello! Welcome back to the blog!

One prompt, two events. One event trying to get as close to a million dollars as possible the other can not go over one thousand dollars, you all decide which event was a success.

This is going to be a new series on the blog called Million vs. One. Where I will be planning pseudo events in two part blog posts. The first is the “million dollar” event, I have to get as close to the high end ‘million dollar budget’ without losing the spirit for the event. The second post will be the ‘one thousand dollar’ event where I will be give myself a fraction of the previous budget and still try to create an amazing event that satisfies the prompt. I will also try to do some ‘behind the blog’ videos on my Instagram as I am writing various blogs in this series. After each blog post on my instagram (sweeteventssweetercoffee) I will post a poll to see if you all thought I won the challenge.

I am excited about this series for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it will give more insight into how to plan an event on a budget but show that just because an event has a high budget doesn’t mean that it is automatically the best event. In the series we will talk compromises and what “the spirit of the event” means and how event planners uphold that when working with clients. I am excited to spotlight some of my favorite or fun small and local businesses, and just some of my favorite distributors to work with for events.

I am so excited for this series and I need your help. Comment below or follow my Instagram where I will posting polls, and asking for suggestions on theme, event types, and other ideas. Submit your prompts in the comments or on Instagram! The prompt should look something like “8th birthday party for my son who is really into Disney, for him and his friends.” the more descriptive the more difficult it will be for me so let me have it! Also comment your favorite small or local florist, bartenders, bakers, entertainers, venues, ect.!

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