hi, it’s me again…

Does anyone ever get that feeling, from when you were a child and you forgot to tell your parents you had a report due in the morning that required you go to the store, so you sheepishly walk up them opening with something along the lines of “hiiiiiii, how was your day?” and they just knew something was up? All the while you are feeling immense guilt and shame for waiting for the last minute and inconveniencing them with your procrastination? That is akin to how I am feeling writing yet again another new years post after months of absence. I wish I had an amazing excuse like busines was so booked and engaged that I had no time to blog. But that’s not true. The truth? I let my business take the backseat as I dove into my more traditional full time 9-5, I delved more into my charitable foundation (quick plug check out the Sunflower Fosters Foundation more on that to come!), and I struggled a lot with my mental health during the pandemic and these stressful sociopolitical times.

I am not here to provide excuses for not blogging and I am not going to make promises that I will consistently blog in the future. It is my plan to actively promote and market my business in the new year and build and grow and I want to take you all along with me, but I also need to work a traditional job to pay bills. I will promise you that I will try, to bring you all along with my business as I work and grow on it, and if you follow my Instagram and tik tok you may get to see a little more in what I do in my daily life and my hopes and plans for Life Sweet Moments!

Now for the fun stuff Updates!

Life’s Sweets Moment’s moved… again…. We are now stationed in Chicago IL so if you are int he area…..

We are event planning again! Safely! Birthdays, Baby Showers, Non-profit Events, you can book any of our packages, if your event is located in Illinois or northwest Indiana, either through our square space site, website, or via email! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog (already written so will totally be posted) on how to book with us and what we are booking!

We are still donating proceeds to nonprofits and there will be future blog delving more into this, but whenever you book you can choose a charity that your event will go towards otherwise it will go towards charitable foundations and non-profits we support.

That is all the updates I have at this moment in time, I am excited to be back in Chicago with its amazing event industry and to be back to planning events!

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