New Year New Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog! It is 2021 and you may be wondering what can you expect from this blog this coming year? You know the saying “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, / Gang aft agley,” or “The best laid plans of mice and men, go array.” – Robert Burns. Last year I had plans to show you all the behind the scenes of working with clients from small engagement events to large scale festivals and business events. Then the pandemic hit and the life froze and the event industry had to reinvent themselves to fit into this new world that was created. If I am being honest I don’t think I ever found my place in that new event industry. That is perfectly okay! My passion is in events and I still am looking for a way to do that in this coming year! Antyways… here is a quick FAQ of hopefully what is to come of my blog this year!

  1. Will there still be events content?

Yes, but not in that way.. I hope someone gets the tiktok reference, 2020 was weird man. In terms of event content, I want to talk events all that jazz and more updates and thoughts on the event industry during this time. I think I want to discuss more the business of the event industry and less bts and event content. This isn’t to say I never will talk more about planning picnics and events but until it is safe to have these events again we are going to put that on the back burner.

2. What is happening with Life’s Sweet Moments Events?

I am trying to figure this out as things are still moving and changing with the state of the world and the country. I am still working on setting up some events for some clients if we are ever going to have them. LSME still has event boxes and this will be another blog post but we are finding new ways to package and ship them due to the issues we had with the holiday boxes. This year I hope I can use my business to help more people until I am able to grow my business into something I am passionate about!

3) What kind of blog posts can we expect?

I am so excited about some of the content I have planned! I am writing a leadership series, delving into my experience in leadership and business management and how we as leaders in any field can change our society. Also how us business managers and leaders can make a positive change on our own companies but also change the business world and the reputation of the business world.

Also, I will be doing a series on podcasts that I am listening to and love and why. Recapping some of my favorite episodes and discussing the content of it!

There will be more blog post on different things again taking this year as it goes and not holding on to all the plans I want to make!

4) How consistently are you posting?

Right now the goal is to get a blog post out every other Monday, BUT at the same time I will not sacrifice quality of content for consistency I may miss some weeks here or there but I am really working hard on getting posts out! Follow the social medias for updates on when I post. Also on my Instagram: sweeteventssweetercoffee I will be posting fun polls and stuff on my stories, as well as other projects I am involved in! It’s a fun time over there.

I think that is all I have if you all have anymore questions comment below! Can’t wait to get this year started! (10 days in lol)

_ Lauren ❤

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