Holiday Boxes are Here!

Is it mid November already? I swear it was March yesterday! 2020 has been a trip. Back in March I had a full calendar of events and working with clients for several events but most importantly I was planning an amazing holiday charity event for December. Obviously those plans never happened, you know that saying “God laughs while people plan.” That was the epitome of 2020. That is how I got the idea and started planning Holiday Boxes. I could not feasibly and in good conscious hold a charity event at the level I wanted amidst of the socioeconomic, and political climate. That was a nice way of saying “WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN PANDIMIC KILLING THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS STOP HAVING PARTIES.” But in all seriousness I love the holiday season because there are so many opportunities to give back and that was the entire purpose behind the event. In it’s place I have created 2 Holiday Box packages that I really hope people will buy because it gives back to foster families and youth who may not have the luxuries a lot of us have this season.

The Holiday Box Package – One

This package is more on par with our other LSME Events in a Box. There our 3 variations to get you in the holiday spirit!

  1. Holiday Creative Box:
    1. This box has custom bobble craft with our signature LSME promps
    2. Includes clear bobble, ribbon and special charms, and fake snow!
  2. Holiday Cookies
    1. This box will send all the supplies you need to make sugar cookies plus icing to decorate
    2. Includes LSME promps for fun conversations
  3. Hot Chocolate Bombs
    1. This box will send all supplies to make fun surprising hot chocolate bombs
    2. Includes LSME promps for fun conversations

The Holiday Box Package – Two

This package is your normal shopping holiday gift. You fill out the below survey for the person you are looking to gift, our planners turned personal shoppers will contact you in 3-5 business days with a custom holiday gift box then once you are satisfied you purchase the box you can include a custom note and it gets shipped off! It is the perfect way to get help with holiday shopping while giving back to your local community!

Order Holiday Box 1!

Order Holiday Box 2!

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