Podcasts… and Pizza?

Happy Friday Everyone!

I listen to a TON of podcasts, I love to listen to them when I drive or am at work since I literally do nothing but stare at spreadsheets and emails for 8-10 hours a day. I do not listen to true crime podcasts, not really my style, or business exclusive podcast. I tend to read more economic and business books, if I wanted to listen to men mansplain the stock market to me I would talk to old business school alums of mine or go to a coffee shop I am A okay haha. I hope the podcasts that introduce on the blog today you may have never heard of and will introduce you to something new and light hearted. I will be listing my top 3 podcasts (at this moment) and episodes as well as rating them on the scale of Monday green juice to Friday fun mocktail! I will be linking their Instagram pages because everyone listens to podcasts on different platforms. Okay lets get started!

  1. Sunset Drive Podcast

Favorite Episode: Savannah Lee May and Tori Caro

Rating: Friday or should I say FriYAY… (yes I understand that as totally lame)

I have recently been SO obsessed with the Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms the modern adaptation of the Brazilian show. This is one of those fan podcast but it is the hosts that makes it a genuinely good podcast. It isn’t super fanny?? (that’s not a word at all) with the guests they get to know them more as people outside of their relation to the show and they talk about so many great topics. I like the maturity of the host Anthony because the majority of the demographic is younger (14-21) and I love the fact that he is giving them content with some of their favorite high profile influencers and advice that is not detrimental. For example in the episode with Tori and Savannah they do talk about Julie and the Phantoms but they also talk about what it’s like being in the film industry in LA as well as mature and healthy dating and relationship advice. They talk about how fans shouldn’t idolize celebrities and its just such a great podcast. Also Anthony is only 20 years old and check out his graphic design stuff it blew me away!

2. The Curious Competitor

Favorite Episode: Blake Bolden

Rating: Friday Hibiscus Tea

I love this podcast, I love how it’s this perfect mix of hockey, and wellness, self improvement and empowerment. You do not have to be a hockey player or even a hockey fan to love this podcast. I could write a 6000 word essay on why I love this podcast and all of my favorite episodes. I am going to talk about the Blake Bolden episode though, because I feel like this sums up Connor and his podcast so well. Blake Bolden is a black USA Hockey player and works for the LA Kings, her episode was about finding joy for the game her journey playing and also carving a space for not just women in the hockey industry but also blacks and black women. When I worked for an AHL and NHL team I could count on my fingers how many black women I had worked with, 4, in two organizations, that I had met and worked with. Hockey has this culture that has driven a stigma that the sport is like golf, only for rich white men. And figures like Kendall and Blake are constantly fighting to change that and so are various other players, teams and organizations. In this episode Blake talked about how she got into hockey through her stepdad and she never had anyone who looked like her to look up to or idolize growing up and playing, so she became that person. And Connor sat there listened to her story gave his platform so it can be heard. That is why I love this podcast because he brings in guests from various industries and careers outside of what he does and listens to them lets them share their stories, opinions, and philosophies without asserting his opinions as law when he can not speak to their experiences. I love the fact that it is not a podcast solely about hockey players and about hockey games and gossip and drama in the NHL but really about life and learning no matter what you are doing. Defiantly go check it out there’s a bunch of amazing episodes but go give it a listen!

3. A Hot Dog is a Sandwich

Favorite Episode: Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza

Rating: Wednesday Ginger Apple shot

Okay I had to give it Wednesday for 3 reasons 1) If I gave everyone Friday there would be no sense in having a rating system 2) Josh raises an inexplicable anger from within the deepest darkest depths of my very being I had no idea existed. 3) As much as I love this podcast I could not in good conscious give it the same rating as The Curious Competitor.

This is such a fun a light hearted podcast. Sometimes the world gets really heavy and listening to two chefs one culinarily trained argue about if a kit kat is lasagna helps lighten my mood and heart. It is interesting because they bring in real facts and history of food that I did not even know and there is something about food that just brings people together and creates a community. It is funny and light hearted and if you are anything like me you will screaming at your phone, speaker, tv wherever you get your podcasts about how deep dish pizza is the best type of pizza and laughing the entire time.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun Friday post! Let me know if I should do more of these rankings of my favorite podcasts, or maybe business books, or even blogs? Let me know your favorite podcast as well!

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