Rainy Days and New Event Ways

As you all may or may not know I spent the last 4ish years in southern California. If you know anything about SoCal it’s that clouds are a rarity and it rains maybe 1 week a year if we are lucky. One of the biggest parts of planning an event is attempting to approximate problems and make contingency plans. I like to compare it to those logic puzzles we did in like 3rd grade where you had all of the boxes and titles and they gave you a few facts and you had to work out which title belonged to which person. Is that making sense? It looked like this:

My apologies, I digress. Back to the rain. When planning events I like the 10 rule. 10 weeks out for small events and 10 months out for larger events. This way you can determine what time of year is it and what does that look like in the geographic area of the event. Will there be rain or storms. How will traffic look? Will your event be impacted by tourists or construction. But as I am learning, planning events in chicago it is extraordinarily more difficult when it comes to planning around the weather. One day it may be 80 degrees and sunny the next, snowing. As event planner we must become more innovative in terms of how we deal with planning during unpredictable weather.

An event trend I have seen recently and fell in love with was leaning into that unpredictable weather rather than attempting to plan around it. Using umbrellas as an accessory item and the dramatic storm clouds as a natural backdrop is utterly awe-inspiring. It is such a bold move because we are trained to plan around the rain and hide from the storm. This trend is showing us that sometimes the rainy day makes the best events.

Comment down below if you would love a rainy day event or despise the rain. Also comment any event trends you have seen recently that blew your mind.
As always don’t forget to share with friends and if you have an event coming up, send us an email at events@lifessweetmoment.com!

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